Our Fabric Services

Our Fabric Services include Fabric Books, Fabric Hangers, Swatch Cards, window binds, customized stack books, fabric catalogue, hanging samples, wallpaper book  and many more sampling tools

Our Fabric Book is a catalogue having an enormous collection of almost all kinds of sample fabrics, each one of them attached in the book for easy understanding of the customers

Our Fabric Hangers has unique and finest fabric samples which are handcrafted by artisans from our wall decor’ team

We prepare swatch cards, so that the customer can have a quick and convenient overview of samples available in Fabric Books. 

Our Working Process



Our work starts from providing Consultation to businesses for their sampling needs, we provide a free consultation to businesses, which is easily available and is given by our experts and the aim of our consultants is to give a great consultation



After the consultation, a proposal is sent to a potential customer for collaboration according to understanding and needs of the customers and after approval, we start our work of installing i.e making of  sampling tools required by the customers



Third step is that we start working on the desired service of the customer according to the needs of the customer as our aim is the involvement of the customer in his desired product making process



 Last step in working process after completion of our work, our expert’s test and inspect the product for final delivery and seek customer feedback and our aim is a satisfied and happy customer.

What Our Client Say About Us

"They Have The Finest Collection Of Fabric Sample Books And Hangers, If You Are Looking For A Great And Affordable Catalogue For Your Fabric Samples, Badri Kedar Fabric Books Is The Perfect Place For All Your Sampling Needs :)""

Raju dalal

New Delhi

Ideal place for your all sampling needs with extraordinary catalogue designs at an affordable price


The place will amaze you with its great customer service and great variety of samples , a five star for Badri Kedar Services


The place is perfect for you if you want personalized attention for your sampling needs , I would highly recommend Badri Kedar Fabric Book

Bharat Rana