Badri Kedar Fabric book is leading manufacturer and exporter of Fabric books, Fabric hangers, Fabric Swatch cards and many more products, we provide cost effective as well as efficient sampling solutions to businesses for their fabric sampling needs,our products include Fabric Books, Fabric hangers and Swatch cards , we are a company with 20 years of experience in the business and giving efficient , effective and appreciable results to our customers by fulfilling all their fabric sampling needs.

About Director

I started Badri Kedar Fabric Books in the year 2000 and our great team is working towards the goal of getting a great result for our customer since then, fulfilling customers goal is our vision and our motive as we here at Badri Kedar Books believe in satisfied and happy customers, we also believe and our customers should have a great experience by getting all they need for their sampling tools, our objective is that customer’s investment should be justified with utmost satisfaction

Our Mission

Our mission is customer satisfaction by fulfilling all his needs and fulfilling customer goals by giving the best in industry sampling solutions using our great range of sampling products as our utmost goal as well as objective is that our customers should be happy and satisfied with our work and our team wholeheartedly works towards our mission

Our Vision

Our Vision is that fulfilling the customer’s goals is our goal as our goal is that our customers should be happy with our work and be satisfied with what output we are giving them and we believe that our team works very hard to deliver the finest products for fulfilling the goal we have by working wholeheartedly towards our motive